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Pokary 009: Spring and Ghost Stories

With the change in the season it's that time of year again, when we start thinking of spring, and flowers, and ghosts. I kid you not, in my home town the first thing we did was think of various ghost stories to tell each other during lunch and after school. Our goal, to scare each other silly and believe me there are one too many ghost stories out there that gave me the hebeejebees.

So in honor of our lovely Spring Festival, I'm asking everyone to think of a ghost story. Not a slasher story, where you have a guy with a knife or a hook or something like that. I'm talking about Sleepy Hollow like stories, where there's a ghost. I'd like to hear them and maybe we can all do a get together to tell some creepy stories.

I'll start us out.

A long time ago, way back when man and pokemon could understand one another there was a girl that fell in love with a water pokemon. She was so entranced by him that she would go every day just to see him in the water. They said that his beauty was so great that even the greatest of all Pokemon were envious. He was a very self centered pokemon at that. Always wanting to have things done his way. he never paid the girl any mind, even when she spent hours just gazing at his beauty. He felt he was in the right to ignore her.

One day the wise slowking found the girl by the lake and asked her, "Child why are you spending your life just gazing at him. You should not do so for you will wind up turning into a ghost and forever haunt this spot."

But the girl shook her head and said, "I will not, for I know that my love in the lake will protect me." When Slowking asked who he was, the girl responded, "He is the angel of the sea, no one is as strong or as brave as he is. He swims through the water like a serpent, but his face is so gentle and full of warmth."

"And who is this love that you speak so tenderly of?" asked Slowking, though he had an idea.

"He is the one that lives in the water here," the girl said pointed to the lake. The Slowking slowly shook his head.

"You should not love someone so vain, he will only hurt you in the end."

But the girl laughed and said, "I have nothing to worry about, he will be there for me."

A few months passed after this meeting and in the dead of winter the girl went to see the water pokemon. She waited and waited for days to see him come from the water. But the selfish pokemon stayed below, feeling warm while the poor girl froze to death. In the spring when the snow had thawed the people found the girl. They were very sad and blamed the water pokemon. But he ignored them, as he felt that it was the girl's fault that she had wound up this way.

Then one night the Slowking returned to the lake and found the pokemon.

"So you have surfaced again. Are you not ashamed for what you have done? You wooed the girl with your beauty and now she suffered the fate of the flowers." he said to the pokemon. The pokemon though huffed. Who was this Slowking to talk to him in such a manner. "I warn you, if you do not change your ways and pay a tribute to the girl that loved you, you will be cursed my friend."

"How so?" Laughed the pokemon. "My looks will protect me. I have nothing to fear."

Slowking just tilted his head, "Fear is not something that you should be afraid of but rather it is guilt that makes us scared."

"You're just full of talk, are you not," the water pokemon turned his back and left the Slowking on the bank. Hours later the water pokemon was lazing about in the night. He was watching the stars when the sky became cloudy and happened. The wind picked up and he turned fast. There on the lake was the girl. He was happy to see her again. Swimming up to her he said, "Oh how wonderful that you are here. I was worried about you."

"You were," the girl did not raise her head.

"Yes, of course," the pokemon smiled at her. The girl did not return it. "Is something wrong?"

"You do not tell the truth, you did not worry when I was out here in the winter, only now when you feel that you don't have anyone to gaze upon your beauty are you worried. You are a selfish creature," the girl said and then slowly raised her head. The pokemon gasped out at what he saw and was scared. The girl's face was now masked by that of an Oni! Fear coursed down his body, and his face twisted into a scream. Racing off he found the Slowking and started to cry.

"Oh slowking, help me, I fear I have been cursed. I should have listened to your warning and been kinder to the girl. Oh now, what am I to do?" The pokemon cried. The Slowking felt some pity for the monster, for now he looked like one, with his mouth constantly in a look of anger and fear.

"I shall help you, but I am afraid it is too late for your face to ever to go back to the way it was. But I can make it so that when you are born again you will have a simple face and be not so beautiful, that way the spirit of the girl can rest in peace knowing that you will have given your beauty up just for her." With those words the Slowking turned the giant once beautiful pokemon into a large orange fish with a crown on his head. He smiled some seeing him. "You are now a Magic Karp and your other form will be called a Gyrados, for you are both simple and scary."

To this day Gyrados have scary faces, and Magic Karps look simple. But for those that wander near lakes where they reside, they say that if you watch when the moon goes behind the clouds you will see a girl with a Oni face watching. Perhaps if you speak kindly to her, and help her feel better, she may take off the mask and let you see her face. But if you do, you can never leave her side.
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